Quick Lube & Oil Change Business Insurance

Business Insurance for Quick Lube and Oil Change Companies in Northeast Ohio

From simple oil changes and basic maintenance to heavy-duty mechanical and electrical repairs, quick lube and oil change businesses provide a variety of valuable auto services that keep customers’ vehicles on the road. But providing these services involves facing numerous liabilities every day, such as potential damage to business property and customer vehicles and the health hazards to employees associated with handling chemicals and operating heavy machinery. Protect your company against these and other risks by purchasing quick lube/oil change business insurance from Ruscher Agency.

Commercial Property Insurance

Property damage to your auto repair shop or equipment from unforeseen events like fire, natural disasters, theft, or vandalism can be costly and result in a significant loss of business income. Commercial property insurance covers the damage and loss incurred by these unexpected, external events so that you can perform the necessary repairs to your shop and replace expensive tools without causing a financial burden to your business.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment like jacks and automobile lifts are vital to your quick lube/oil change business. If these tools break, you need to replace or repair them as quickly as possible. Equipment breakdown insurance covers damage caused by internal forces, such as power surges, electrical shorts, mechanical problems, or operator error. This policy will help pay for:

  • Income that was lost while the equipment was out of order
  • Costs to repair or replace the equipment, including time and labor
  • Necessary expenses incurred during the restoration period

Garage Liability Insurance

A garage liability insurance policy protects your quick lube/oil change business against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage caused by an accident during your garage business operations. This policy can also help cover the other party’s medical expenses or property repair bills in addition to any court costs, legal fees, and settlements your business is responsible for paying.

  •  A client slips on an oil spill in your shop and breaks his leg. By way of premises liability coverage, garage liability insurance will pay for any medical bills related to his injury and any legal costs if the client sues your business for slipping and injuring himself on your property.
  • A mechanic doesn’t replace a rotted engine gasket while performing an oil change and the engine later leaks oil onto a customer’s new driveway. By way of completed operations coverage, garage liability insurance will pay to remove the stains from the customer’s new driveway and cover any legal costs if the customer sues your business for the damages.

Garagekeepers Insurance

If your quick lube/oil change shop keeps customer vehicles in your garage or on your lot, then your business needs garagekeepers insurance. This policy covers what garage liability insurance excludes, namely any damage caused to a customer’s vehicle in your care as a result of theft, fire, vandalism, extreme weather, or collision. You can add endorsements to a garagekeepers insurance policy to extend coverage to the personal property contained within a customer’s vehicle.

Mechanic’s Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance

A form of professional liability insurance, mechanic’s E&O insurance protects your quick lube/oil change business against liability for:

  • Committing an error in rendered auto services
  • Omitting services that the customer requested
  • Not providing the services as they were advertised

While changing a vehicle’s motor oil may be a relatively simple task, most quick lube/oil change businesses also offer other professional auto repair and maintenance services that are more complex. Mechanic’s E&O insurance will cover any financial losses that result if a customer sues for negligent, incorrect, or falsely advertised auto services.

Business Interruption Insurance

Property damage or loss to your shop can interfere with normal business operations and cause a loss of income. Business interruption insurance protects your quick lube/oil change shop financially if broken equipment or damaged structures in your garage are negatively impacting your bottom line.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your quick lube/oil change business uses one or more vehicles specifically used for business purposes, such as picking up oil products or auto parts from a local supplier, then they need to be covered by commercial auto insurance. This policy provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage caused by an accident, theft, or vandalism of your commercial vehicles.

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Just like an oil change ensures that a vehicle’s engine runs smoothly by removing contaminants, comprehensive business insurance will ensure that your quick lube/oil change shop keeps running by protecting you from the risks that could otherwise interrupt your daily operations and cause financial difficulties. Ruscher Agency Financial & Insurance Services will assess your business’ unique risks to determine which policies and coverage limits offer the most protection within your budget. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get a free quote!

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